POWER TOOLS in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

Garden & House

Selling all my power tools: 200A AC/DC thermodyne Tig invertor R7500 Still new (welded less than 10 hours)- complete with foot pedal, tig torch and flow meter 2 x 200A Dc invertors R1000 ea with Tig torch only (thermodyne +Mat weld) Makita Grinder 115 R500 (still new) Makita grinder 220 R300 Makita Jig saw R700 Bosch ind orbital sander R450 Palm sander R300 Bosch ind Belt sander R750 Makita biscket cutter R1500 2 x metabo drills R350 ea Metabo impact drill R1000 Metabo sircle saw with guide R1000 50L Compressor 400L/min R2000 Bosch Die grinder R850 air -grinder 115 R150 air -die grinder R150 air -impact wrech with sockets R450 air -nailgun 15-50mm with nails R500 air -pistol jack hammer R200 electric engraver R250 lever block R500 block and tackle R450 Band saw small with 4 saw blades R650 Dewalt impact drill R850 Dewalt cordless drill incl 2 batt+char R750 Ryobi impacter drill/jack hammer R750 Table Saw R2000 Workbench-draws on wheels R750 Mitre saw R1350 G and F clamps -The lot R1500 4 x long joiners clamps R400 Bench grinder R350 Bench Vice Medium R350 small 100mm bench vice R150 drill bits - the lot R500 16mm long water drill R400 grinding discs 220mm R150 Various small tools on the spot price lots of extras